• get - Retrieve your contact lists


    "client": "string",
    "contacts": [
            "attachments": [
            "bcChecked": "boolean",
            "bcImage": "string",
            "bcImageBackside": "string",
            "bcImageBacksideLocal": "string",
            "bcImageLocal": "string",
            "city": "string",
            "companySize": "string",
            "contactListId": "string",
            "country": "string",
            "createdBy": "string",
            "customFields": {
                "<key>": {}
            "drawing": "string",
            "email": "string",
            "facebook": "string",
            "fax": "string",
            "firstName": "string",
            "gender": "integer",
            "image": "string",
            "industry": "string",
            "lastName": "string",
            "linkedin": "string",
            "mobile": "string",
            "note": "string",
            "organization": "string",
            "phone": "string",
            "poBox": "string",
            "position": "string",
            "revenue": "string",
            "sequenceNumber": "number",
            "state": "string",
            "street": "string",
            "title": "string",
            "twitter": "string",
            "vat": "string",
            "website": "string",
            "xing": "string",
            "zip": "string"
    "isMain": "boolean",
    "name": "string",
    "organizationId": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
client string Optional
contacts[] array of object

The list of contact items that belong to a contact list

contacts[].attachments[] array of string
contacts[].bcChecked boolean
contacts[].bcImage string
contacts[].bcImageBackside string
contacts[].bcImageBacksideLocal string
contacts[].bcImageLocal string
contacts[].city string
contacts[].companySize string

Possible values are:

  • 1-10
  • 11-50
  • 51-200
  • 201-500
  • 501-1000
  • 1001-5000
  • 5001-10000
  • 10000+
contacts[].contactListId string

The id of the corresponding contact list a contact item belongs to.

contacts[].country string
contacts[].createdBy string Optional, read only.
contacts[].customFields object
contacts[].customFields.<key> map of object

This might be any viable JSON value.

contacts[].drawing string
contacts[].email string
contacts[].facebook string
contacts[].fax string
contacts[].firstName string
contacts[].gender integer

-1 (neutral), 0 (male) or 1 (female)

contacts[].image string
contacts[].industry string

LinkedIn industry code as defined here

contacts[].lastName string
contacts[].linkedin string
contacts[].mobile string
contacts[].note string
contacts[].organization string
contacts[].phone string
contacts[].poBox string
contacts[].position string
contacts[].revenue string
contacts[].sequenceNumber number

This is used to order items within a list (default: null -> appears on top)

Optional, read only.
contacts[].state string
contacts[].street string
contacts[].title string
contacts[].twitter string
contacts[].vat string
contacts[].website string
contacts[].xing string
contacts[].zip string
isMain boolean Optional
name string

The name of a contact list.

organizationId string

The id of the organization a contact list belongs to.