• get - Get all participants for a single questionnaire


    "answerOptions": [
            "id": "string",
            "participantId": "string",
            "questionId": "string",
            "text": "string"
    "answers": [
            "id": "string",
            "participantId": "string",
            "questionId": "string"
    "groups": [
            "id": "string",
            "questionnaireId": "integer",
            "sequenceNumber": "integer",
            "titles": {
                "<key>": "string"
    "participants": [
            "attachments": [
            "bcChecked": "string",
            "bcImage": "string",
            "bcImageBackside": "string",
            "bcImageBacksideLocal": "string",
            "bcImageLocal": "string",
            "checked": "boolean",
            "checkedAt": "string",
            "checkedBy": "string",
            "childrenSequenceNumberCounter": "integer",
            "city": "string",
            "country": "string",
            "created": "string",
            "createdByUserId": "string",
            "drawing": "string",
            "email": "string",
            "exportedToExcel": "boolean",
            "exportedToIntegration": "boolean",
            "facebook": "string",
            "fail": "boolean",
            "failInternet": "boolean",
            "fax": "string",
            "finished": "boolean",
            "firstName": "string",
            "gender": "number",
            "id": "string",
            "image": "string",
            "imageLocal": "string",
            "isDeprecatedTypeOfParticipant": "boolean",
            "isParentParticipant": "boolean",
            "lastName": "string",
            "linkedin": "string",
            "mobile": "string",
            "note": "string",
            "organization": "string",
            "orientation": "string",
            "phone": "string",
            "poBox": "string",
            "position": "string",
            "qrScan": "boolean",
            "questionnaireId": "string",
            "sequenceNumber": "integer",
            "snapaddyParserResponseText": "string",
            "state": "string",
            "street": "string",
            "takenInOfflineMode": "boolean",
            "title": "string",
            "twitter": "string",
            "type": "string",
            "vat": "string",
            "website": "string",
            "xing": "string",
            "zip": "string"
    "questionOptions": [
            "id": "string",
            "mappingId": "string",
            "questionId": "string",
            "questionOptionType": "integer",
            "sequenceNumber": "integer",
            "texts": {
                "<key>": "string"
            "validation": {
                "questionType": {
                    "<key>": {}
            "value": "string"
    "questionnaires": [
            "archived": "boolean",
            "createdByUserId": "string",
            "descriptions": {
                "<key>": "string"
            "finalized": "boolean",
            "id": "string",
            "languages": [
            "logo": "string",
            "mappingId": "string",
            "organizationId": "string",
            "participantCounter": "integer",
            "settings": {
                "<key>": {}
            "titles": {
                "<key>": "string"
            "url": "string"
    "questions": [
            "column": "integer",
            "groupId": "string",
            "id": "string",
            "mappingId": "string",
            "questionType": "integer",
            "sequenceNumber": "integer",
            "settings": {
                "<key>": {}
            "texts": {
                "<key>": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
answerOptions[] array Optional
answerOptions[].id string Optional
answerOptions[].participantId string Optional
answerOptions[].questionId string Optional
answerOptions[].text string Optional
answers[] array Optional
answers[].id string Optional
answers[].participantId string Optional
answers[].questionId string Optional
groups[] array Optional
groups[].id string Optional, read only.
groups[].questionnaireId integer Optional, read only.
groups[].sequenceNumber integer Optional
groups[].titles object StringDictionary Optional
groups[].titles.<key> map of string Optional
participants[] array Optional
participants[].attachments[] array of string Optional
participants[].bcChecked string Optional
participants[].bcImage string Optional
participants[].bcImageBackside string Optional
participants[].bcImageBacksideLocal string Optional
participants[].bcImageLocal string Optional
participants[].checked boolean Optional
participants[].checkedAt string Optional
participants[].checkedBy string Optional
participants[].childrenSequenceNumberCounter integer Optional
participants[].city string Optional
participants[].country string Optional
participants[].created string

UTC timestamp of creation

participants[].createdByUserId string Optional, read only.
participants[].drawing string Optional
participants[].email string Optional
participants[].exportedToExcel boolean Optional
participants[].exportedToIntegration boolean Optional
participants[].facebook string Optional
participants[].fail boolean Optional
participants[].failInternet boolean Optional
participants[].fax string Optional
participants[].finished boolean Optional
participants[].firstName string Optional
participants[].gender number Optional
participants[].id string Optional
participants[].image string Optional
participants[].imageLocal string Optional
participants[].isDeprecatedTypeOfParticipant boolean Optional
participants[].isParentParticipant boolean Optional
participants[].lastName string Optional
participants[].linkedin string Optional
participants[].mobile string Optional
participants[].note string Optional
participants[].organization string Optional
participants[].orientation string Optional
participants[].phone string Optional
participants[].poBox string Optional
participants[].position string Optional
participants[].qrScan boolean Optional
participants[].questionnaireId string Optional
participants[].sequenceNumber integer Optional
participants[].snapaddyParserResponseText string Optional
participants[].state string Optional
participants[].street string Optional
participants[].takenInOfflineMode boolean Optional
participants[].title string Optional
participants[].twitter string Optional
participants[].type string Optional
participants[].vat string Optional
participants[].website string Optional
participants[].xing string Optional
participants[].zip string Optional
questionOptions[] array Optional
questionOptions[].id string Optional, read only.
questionOptions[].mappingId string Optional, read only.
questionOptions[].questionId string Optional, read only.
questionOptions[].questionOptionType integer Optional
questionOptions[].sequenceNumber integer Optional
questionOptions[].texts object StringDictionary Optional
questionOptions[].texts.<key> map of string Optional
questionOptions[].validation object

A dictionary with question types as keys and corresponding rule dictionaries as values.

questionOptions[].validation.questionType object

A dictionary with rule names as key and corresponding rule objects as values.

questionOptions[].validation.questionType.<key> map of object Optional
questionOptions[].value string Optional
questionnaires[] array Optional
questionnaires[].archived boolean Optional
questionnaires[].createdByUserId string Optional, read only.
questionnaires[].descriptions object StringDictionary Optional
questionnaires[].descriptions.<key> map of string Optional
questionnaires[].finalized boolean Optional
questionnaires[].id string Optional, read only.
questionnaires[].languages[] array of string Optional
questionnaires[].logo string

Base64 representation of the logo

questionnaires[].mappingId string Optional, read only.
questionnaires[].organizationId string Optional, read only.
questionnaires[].participantCounter integer Optional, read only.
questionnaires[].settings object

A dictionary with rule names as key and corresponding rule objects as values.

questionnaires[].settings.<key> map of object Optional
questionnaires[].titles object StringDictionary Optional
questionnaires[].titles.<key> map of string Optional
questionnaires[].url string Optional
questions[] array Optional
questions[].column integer Optional
questions[].groupId string Optional, read only.
questions[].id string Optional, read only.
questions[].mappingId string Optional, read only.
questions[].questionType integer Optional
questions[].sequenceNumber integer Optional
questions[].settings object

A dictionary with rule names as key and corresponding rule objects as values.

questions[].settings.<key> map of object Optional
questions[].texts object StringDictionary Optional
questions[].texts.<key> map of string Optional