• get - Get all questionnaires
  • get - Get a questionnaire by id


    "archived": "boolean",
    "createdByUserId": "string",
    "descriptions": {
        "<key>": "string"
    "finalized": "boolean",
    "id": "string",
    "languages": [
    "logo": "string",
    "mappingId": "string",
    "organizationId": "string",
    "participantCounter": "integer",
    "settings": {
        "<key>": {}
    "titles": {
        "<key>": "string"
    "url": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
archived boolean Optional
createdByUserId string Optional, read only.
descriptions object StringDictionary Optional
descriptions.<key> map of string Optional
finalized boolean Optional
id string Optional, read only.
languages[] array of string Optional
logo string

Base64 representation of the logo

mappingId string Optional, read only.
organizationId string Optional, read only.
participantCounter integer Optional, read only.
settings object

A dictionary with rule names as key and corresponding rule objects as values.

settings.<key> map of object Optional
titles object StringDictionary Optional
titles.<key> map of string Optional
url string Optional